Lease Repairs in Langhorne, PA

Why Pay Full Price? -- MagiCure Automotive Restoration

There are many benefits to leasing your car, such as always driving a newer vehicle, lower monthly payments, and fewer repairs since your car or truck is still under warranty. While some general wear and tear is expected, there is a detailed list of “chargeable” lease repairs and damages you may be responsible for when you turn in or trade in your vehicle. Instead of turning your car in and awaiting the verdict, stop by MagiCure Automotive Restoration in Langhorne, PA as a proactive approach.

Don’t Pay The Costly Markup for Your Repairs

Your dealer or leasing company won’t just charge you for the cost of their designated chargeable damages, but for their cost with a handsome markup. If you bring your car to us first, you will still have to pay for your chargeable exterior and interior damages—but without the 2 to 3 times markup!

Many Leasing Companies Come To Us

Since we opened our doors in 1983, many of Langhorne and Lower Bucks County’s leasing companies and auto dealers bring their recently turned in vehicles to us for restoration. So, why not beat them to it? We provide the quality auto body work they expect, but can deliver it to you at a fraction of the cost. We won’t suggest any work beyond the standard and contract-specific chargeables, with the goal of zero post-trade in charges to you!

We Work With Insurance

Whether you’re paying out of pocket or working with an insurance company, you can rest assured that we’ll get your vehicle back in tip-top shape.

Discounted Car Rentals

We have a waiting room with free water, coffee, and Wi-Fi—but most of our restoration work will require you to leave your car in the shop for the day. To ease the stress of being car-free, we can arrange discounted car rentals.

Whether your lease is up, you want to trade your vehicle in early, or you want to take a proactive approach to the damages that occur along the way—MagiCure has you covered!