Expert Paint Color Matching In Langhorne, PA

Seamlessly Restore Your Vehicle -- MagiCure Automotive Restoration

Aside from the damage of your dent or repair, you may need to have your vehicle repainted. The good news is, we won’t have to repaint your entire vehicle, only the area surrounding your damages. The MagiCure team has superior attention to detail and specializes in expert paint color matching. Our work is so impressive, you won’t be able to tell that there was ever any damage at all! If you live in Philadelphia, Langhorne, or Trenton—stop by today to discuss our restoration, repainting, and repairs.

Advanced Color Matching

If you are putting off your automotive body work because you are concerned that your custom paint job or factory standard paint color will be hard to match—think again. Our restoration experts have a keen attention for detail, and will blend the perfect color. This includes matching both the color and the finish: solid, matte, metallic, pearlescent, and more! We can repair, restore, and repaint areas damaged by:

  • Dents
  • Deep Scratches
  • Keyed Cars
  • Rust Spots
  • Bottoming Out
  • Accidents & Collisions
  • And More!

Cosmetic Damages Can Be Costly When Turning In Your Leased Vehicles

Your dealer or leasing company won’t just charge you for the cost of their designated chargeable damages, but for their cost with a handsome markup. If you bring your car to us first, you will still have to pay for your chargeable exterior and interior damages—but without the 2 to 3 times markup. We have been the shop of choice for many Langhorne leasing companies since we opened in 1983. When it comes to a repair that requires paint color matching, we will ensure they never knew that damage was there!

Don’t forget that we provide a long list of interior and exterior repairs, restorations, and replacements. Call or stop by today for a competitive quote!